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First off, we can’t thank you enough for being an Early Supporter of the show! You really do rock! 🤘

If you’re the TL;DR type we’d appreciate just a moment of your time to help spread the word and build up the audience for the show. If you’d like to know more about the latest happenings in preparation for the launch of The Software Leadership Podcast, then read on!

Latest News

Guest Outreach

We have initiated conversations with some fascinating potential guests for the show. If you think of anyone else that could be a guest or might have access to hard-to-reach guests, please email us at

Test Episode

We have published a Test Episode to validate some critical infrastructure for the podcast, as well as to check the layouts on various screen sizes.

It would be awesome if you could take the time to check the page for the Test Episode and try out the Listen Now! link to view our webplayer.

Screen shots and feedback are greatly appreciated! What works? What doesn’t? What could be better? Please email us at

How to Start Your Own Podcast For Free Blog Series!

There are some great podcasting platforms out there, but the upfront expense can scare people off who may have great content to publish. Let’s remove those barriers to entry. There’s also a benefit to the show for sharing this content, as we’ll explain below.

In about 2 days—and with a little help from our friends on the interwebs—we were able to:

  1. Spin up the scaffolding for the website on GitHub using GitHub Pages
  2. Register, configure and verify our domain which is optional if you are okay with your url being http://<myorganization> We were not and so for just $4.50 per month we registered our domain.
  3. Set up a custom email address with GSuite. Also not free, but this was worth it to enable listener, guest and sponsor interactions via a branded domain. A single user GSuite account is just $6.00 per month. We’re at just over $10 a month total and remember, that’s optional (we did say free).
  4. Create a logo and Show Art.
  5. Validate the podcast feed before syndicating to Apple Podcasts and other podcast syndicators.
  6. Create a Listen Now! popup that integrates with The Internet Archive, where we’ll host our podcast metadata and audio files for free.
  7. Set up Stripe to accept contributions from supporters who want to help fund launch costs such as recording tools and post-production services.
  8. Integrate with Google Analytics for tracking site traffic.
  9. Integrate with Google AdSense to prepare for ad revenue.

Google’s AdSense policy requires a site to provide meaningful content rather than just scaffolding. This means we could end up multiple episodes deep before having the ability to capture ad revenue to fund the show. Or we could provide meaningful content while also building up anticipation for the official show launch. To that end, we’ll begin posting episodes soon in the How to Start Your Own Podcast For Free Blog Series. Expect to see other content related to Software Leadership as well.

Show Art

Artwork is complete and ready for submission to Apple Podcasts and any other fine podcast syndicators we may distribute the show through.

How You Can Help

It can get expensive kicking off a podcast, and so far it’s a labor of love. But you can help the dream become a reality ASAP by helping us out in one or all of the following ways. We really appreciate your help!

Contribute to the Cause!

Our ability to rapidly produce content will accelerate greatly with access to starting capital. Contributions will help fund recording software and equipment, as well as post-production costs.

Suggested Use Amount
Two Months of Domain Registration
Four Months of Domain Registration
Fund Recording Software for 2 months
Fund Recording Software for 3 months
Fund Transcription for an Episode
Fund Postproduction for an Episode
Fund Two Episodes including Transcription

Note: Contributions are not tax-deductible.

Help us grow our Early Supporters by 10X in the next 10 Days!

10x in 10 Days? Yes! And with your help we can get there and help prepare for a strong launch right out of the gate.

Podcast sponsors want to see growth and potential for growth. Sponsors can help fund the show, but they won’t spend the dollars if they can’t see the possibility for a return on their investment.

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Part of building a community means having a place for that community to share ideas. That’s where our LinkedIn Group comes in.

Test out the site!

Tell us what you discover as you test things out. You can email us at

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Lead Well and Rock On!

–Jeff and The Software Leadership Podcast Team


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